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About Me

Hi, I'm a Game Developer from Melbourne, Australia.

The projects I have worked on are listed here

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H.S.C. Wellington Secondary College.
Dip Information Technology with Outstanding Achievement Award.
Various Courses / Seminars.


Twenty five years of full time software development including four years full time Business software programming with the past twenty one years as full time games development.

Experienced Lead programmer on large commercial titles. Specialising in system design and integration, Graphics, Scripting languages and Networking.

Programming Languages:

Fluent in C/C++, GNU C/C++, Java, J2ME, C#, SQL, ASSEMBLER(6502, 6903, 68000, Z80, x86, ARM), PHP, HTML,Ruby on Rails, DataBus, Cobol and Basic.

Software Packages:

Microsoft C++ Visual Studio, Metroworks Code Warrior, Borland C Builder, Microsoft Project, Excel, Word, PhotoShop, Paintshop Pro, Gimp and Blender

Operating Systems:

Linux, Unix, Win10, Win7, Vista, WinXp, Win2K, WinMe, Win 98, MacOSX ,Amiga Os, Cpm and Datapoint.

Work history:

2003 - Present  -  Freelance game development.

Lead programming/Producing on Console, Handheld, P.C. and mobile phone game projects.

2000 - 2003 - ThatGame Pty Ltd

Technical Director / Lead programmer
Co-founded an I.T. start-up in early 2000. Focused on building core technology and guiding/training other programmers in its use.  Onsold to larger game company.

1999 - 2000 - Torus games

Lead programmer / Producer

1997 - 1999 - Infogrames Melbourne House

Lead programmer / Systems programmer

1993 - 1997 - Beam Software

Lead programmer / Producer / Designer

1989 - 1993 - Actrol Pty Ltd

Analyst Programmer

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